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The Comepay industry solutions create a unique and technological software environment for managing business projects of any scale. Our mission is to make it equally accessible, convenient and efficient worldwide


Our main strategy is focused on the stable and comprehensive business processes aiming to expand our global presence. The streamlined system provides simultaneous ability to modernise, customise and develop high-level solutions. This business intelligence forms attractive and reliable investment environment


Core values are based on our fundamental belief of a person both developing and using our products. We do our best to offer the most continuously evolving, fruitful and mutually beneficial ecosystem for each party

Comepay Inc. Structure


Payment System • Payment Kiosk • E-wallet • Support


Online Registers • Kassatka • Kassatka Market


Proccessing Platform • E-commerce • Payment Gateway


Software Development • Licences and Patents


Allocation of Payment Kiosk

Our Team

The human resource is the most valuable asset for Comepay Inc. Group. We have gathered a team of like-minded people with an international mindset and a high expert level. The well-coordinated and balanced actions of our specialists allow us to perform the cases of any compexity.  

Our team composed of highly professional developers improves the platform of the Payment System constantly and has the opportunity both to offer a number of the released products and to develop solutions reflecting a specific region conjunction, its features and history. 

The well-oiled work mechanism is built in such a way that the project at each its stage of development receives support from all departments of the company, and our managers track the quality and timely execution of all the terms for targets realization. Developing and implementing our innovative solutions, we also do not forget about the importance of the further technical and customer support. 

The result is achieved by a tight-team, not a person, the success of the participant means the success of the team!


About Us


Comepay CEO, Dmitry Tsatskhin, commented:

“The Board of Directors appreciates the need for Comepay to make a transition to a fully reporting company in order to gain access to a larger investment community as we implement our aggressive growth plan over the next 18 months. The first step in this mandate is to complete the independent audit of our financial results for each of the fiscal years ended December 31, 2015, 2016 and 2017. We have engaged the services of BF Borgers CPA PC, a PCAOB registered, independent accounting firm for this purpose, as well as a team of consultants to assist our offices in the transition from our current accounting standards to US GAAP. We are excited to be taking the first step towards a higher standard of public reporting.”


Comepay group have been operating for over 12 years

12 700

Comepay presently has more than 12,700 kiosks across Russia

4 700 000

Comepay processes over 4.7 million customer payments per month

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