Comepay Inc.

The Comepay Inc. is a publicly trading company in USA under symbol CMPY that has a group of companies including Comepay, RP-Systems, Skytech, M-NN and Chekonline. The Comepay Inc. has been operating for over 12 years providing internet acquiring services and support, facilitating instant payments and internet based payment transactions via kiosks, mobile interfaces and web-based applications such as electronic wallets. 

Our team composed of highly-professional developers improves the hi-technology platform constantly and has the opportunity both to offer a number of the released products and meet all market needs and requirements providing our customers with innovative tools and services. The Company also leases and sells cash registers and POS systems as well as its recently developed proprietary multifunctional smart POS fiscal cash register system. 

Combining software and hardware solutions, Comepay processes over 10 million customer payments per month and presently has more than 22,000 kiosks across Russia. We currently are on the way to expand the business focusing on the smart POS fiscal cash register system Cassatka that helps businesses comply with newly released Russian taxation legislation 54-Federal Law which requires all retail business to send all transactions data to Fiscal Data Operator in real-time. The developed software and hardware complex can be easily customised, localised and applied to any market worldwide meeting all the legal and technical requirements.